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As 3S POS expanded their EPOS business and launched their new branding & website they needed to ensure that the new site was properly optimised for digital success.

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3S POS were looking to boost the performance of the new site by running an SEO campaign. From the beginning stages of the site build the SEO team were involved, making sure careful consideration was taken throughout each phase of the project so that the site would be perfectly structured and optimised for organic performance. We came up with a comprehensive strategy to meet their needs of increasing traffic and brand awareness.

EPOS Systems

Services we provided


Setup an on-going SEO Strategy involving keyword research, on-site optimisation, link outreach and monitoring & reporting.


Created an optimised PPC campaign to help improve traffic, engagement rates, brand awareness and conversions.


We carried out extensive keyword research on the payment terminal industry to find the optimal terms within their organic and paid search campaigns.

After conducting keyword research we created a comprehensive list of landing pages that needed creating. These pages were based on the elements of the brand new website, following the theme and fitting into the existing structure.

We combined our expertise with industry and competitor research to come up with the most suitable customer journey including call-to-actions, content and visual media.

We then carried out on-site and off-site optimisation to greatly improve the site's Domain Authority, backlink profile and organic traffic. This led to overall strong rankings and organic performance for the site.

3S POS Home Page

Key Stats

Increase in organic clicks through to the site
Increase in organic Impressions
Increase in CTR (click through rate)
Increase in keywords on page one


Using the extensive keyword research from their SEO Campaign, we structured a PPC Google Search Campaign using different ad groups based on the shortlisted keywords, search volume, competition and cost-per-click.

With in-depth research into leading EPOS providers and the latest Ads in the industry, we created engaging and relevant ads to increase the campaign quality score and improve overall Click Through Rates. We also ensured that all available and relevant ad extensions were in place to increase engagement rates.

We optimised the current landing pages in-line with our campaign to ensure we have high relevance and quality scores.

Lastly, we set up multiple event tracking options to allow us to fully understand how the campaigns were performing; this data alongside daily monitoring of the campaign to allowed us to make changes when needed.

EPOS Systems Page

Key Stats


Increase in paid clicks through to the site


Reduction in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration

Your Complete EPOS Solution


Through our extensive SEO & PPC campaign the 3SPOS site saw a 39% Increase in Organic clicks and an increase of 65% in clicks coming from paid advertising on Google. The increase in keywords that 3SPOS were ranking for on the first page of Google both organically and through paid advertising led to a much greater online presence and greater engagement rates.

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