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CB Digital is a full service digital marketing agency based in London.

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Honest, Strategic & Results-driven

We are CB Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency based in London.

Offering a multitude of Digital Strategies, our experienced and dedicated team are passionate about achieving results, having achieved no.1 Google rankings for many high competition keywords with a seven-figure organic traffic value.

We provide bespoke digital marketing services that are unique to your business requirements. We have a transparent, honest and collaborative approach that allows you to clearly understand all aspects of our marketing campaigns.

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Is your site not performing within Google’s search results? - Unsure where to start?

Our handy & free SEO checker will scan your site and prepare a free report, giving you insight into why your site might not be performing as well as it should be and how you can improve your online presence.

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Boost Your Engagement, Increase Visibility & Convert your Traffic with a Custom Digital Marketing Strategy.


"Their innovative approach and professionalism cultivate a productive partnership. Ultimately, they provide excellent customer service on top of their technical expertise. "


"Transparent and collaborative, they walk the client through their process and deliver everything on time to ensure a seamless workflow. "


"We reached number 1 on Google for a number of keywords...the website has been redeveloped along the way as well whilst not losing any of our organic SEO."


"Their marketing efforts have also led to a 70% uptick in customer inquiry rate..."

Our Blog

Why Internal Linking is Important to SEO

Internal linking is a phrase that often appears when SEO is being discussed and it is considered to be an important SEO ranking factor.

5 top tips for setting up a strong remarketing campaign

Ensuring you are capturing your target audience is vital for success within your Pay-per-click campaigns but how can you carry that performance further? One solution we recommend using is remarketing!

What are Rich Results? Our Guide to Schema & Structured Data

You may have heard of the term Rich Results, Schema or Structure Data before but are maybe unsure what these mean for your website and its overall SEO potential.

Our Guide to Performance Max Campaigns

Although the volumes of some of the keywords surrounding the Performance Max campaign aren’t super high, this is a brand new service by google with the increasing buzz around this. I would expect this to affect the volume of searches for the keywords over the next month or two.

GA4 vs Universal Analytics: Are you ready to switch?

It has been a few months since Google officially announced the sunsetting of Universal Analytics, yet there is still a lot of confusion about why, how to migrate and when to do it.

What is Sustainable Marketing and how it Benefits your Business

Many consumers want to buy from eco-friendly businesses. Here’s how to stay ahead of this planet-friendly trend with sustainable marketing.


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