Expert PPC Management (Google Ads)

We are a Google certified marketing consultant & ad agency.

Pay Per Click or Google Paid Ads are the sponsored listings that show at the top of Google Search Results. Offering complete control over your paid marketing and (almost) instant visibility.



PPC/Google ads are a powerful tool in driving targeted traffic to your site which can be a key part of digital marketing campaigns.

Google Ads allow you to control every aspect of your paid marketing with extreme precision. You are in complete control of where and when you target your audience and how much you want to spend. We can accurately pin-point your audience by age, gender, geographic area and ensure you are reaching them when they are at the right point of your sales funnel. This type of marketing allows you to ensure that every penny of your budget is fully utilised and that you are getting the most out of your paid marketing campaigns. When done correctly and managed appropriately, a well optimised PPC campaign can help increase traffic, engagement rates, brand awareness and conversions.

Our expert team are Google Ads certified and up to date with the latest product knowledge. We also work with account managers at Google to allow us to get the most from each of our client’s campaigns and can provide competitor data and insights that wouldn’t be available to a non-Google partner agency.

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We specialise in:

Search Ads

Flexible and easy-to use!

Display & Remarketing Ads

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Video (YouTube) Ads

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Google Shopping/Merchant Centre

Flexible and easy-to use!

Paid & Promoted Social Ads

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